Bugge archives (english catalogs)

The Bugge archives contain documentation of operations ranging from ship chandling and whaling in the Southern Ocean to international shipping after the Second World War. These archives represent a valuable source of scientific and historical research.

Eight archives, all with connections to whaling, are now available to the general public.
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The reference connected to the name of each archive refers to the archive’s unique signature.

Digitized archival material
We have chosen to digitize a selection of the archives from the companies N. Bugge and AS Hektor, mainly from the period 1910-1931. The establishment and operation of the land station on Deception Island and documentation regarding working conditions and life on board the ships and the land station has been a priority. The aim has been to contribute to a broader understanding of archival material as a potential source, and to facilitate use for further research. The digitized material is available in the Archives Portal: Arkivportalen.no, marked with a special icon next to the appropriate folders in the archival structure. You will also find direct links to the digitized documents in the English catalog.

Unique business history
The company N. Bugge was founded in Tønsberg in 1852 and its archives provide documentation of the comprehensive business operations of a key family-owned business over several generations, operations spanning everything from ship chandling and shipping partnerships through whaling in the Antarctic Ocean to international shipping after World War 2.

A historical polar entrepreneur – from Iceland to the South Shetland Islands
In international whaling history, Bugge’s involvement is quite unique. After closing down operations at its whaling station in Iceland in 1910, the company freed up the capital and equipment it needed to establish a new land-based station on Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands. The joint venture between the companies A/S Hvalen and A/S Hektor until 1928 and their subsequent collaboration with the British company Hector Whaling Limited places the company in a class of its own. Continuous ownership and the comprehensive disposition of operations allows for in-depth analysis of business operations in both an international and local perspective.

Historical archive material
The archives, which document the operations of a number of companies owned by the company N. Bugge, comprise more than 140 shelf metres of archive material. The material covers the companies’ diverse operations, encompassing everything from local business to the international whaling industry. The material spans the period from 1852 to the 1990s.

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Hvalfangst og opparbeidelse av spekk

Deception Island, 1928.

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